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Naked Men : Pioneering Male Nudes 1935-1955Naked Men : Pioneering Male Nudes 1935-1955 by David Leddick 

The male nude has been a staple of art since the Greeks graced their public buildings with the glorified forms of gods and heroes. Renaissance artists didn't hesitate to display the male form, particularly in churches; the past 100 years of photography have seen a resurgence of the male nude. Nonetheless, until now there's been very little critical analysis of these nudes' homoerotic content. In his Lambda Award-winning Naked Men: Pioneering Male Nudes 1935-1955, David Leddick uses intensive research, interviews, and photographic representations to uncover sources and inspirations for the male nude through 20 years of contemporary art. Relying on the words and visual work of hundreds of artists, models, and writers (including George Platt Lynes, Paul Cadmus, Tennessee Williams, and Gore Vidal), Leddick conjures up the images, history, and social context of the mid-20th-century homoerotic nude. Filled with photos and reproductions, Naked Men shows us how gay sensibilities and gay culture have freed the male body from social restraints in both art and everyday life. Leddick's The Male Nude, while not strictly a companion volume, does similar work, detailing more than a century of male nudes. As with Naked Men, this book is lavishly and beautifully illustrated. Both are important documents of gay male history and culture. --Michael Bronski

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The Victorian Nude : Sexuality, Morality and Art by Alison Smith

Books!Controversy surrounding the nude in art is as strong now at the end of the twentieth century as it was during the nineteenth. Victorian paintings of the nude are still hidden from view in the storerooms of galleries and museums. In this major new work, Alison Smith unravels the fascinating background of this situation, and the paradox that the nude was both an image of high culture and an object of public moral outrage. Smith reveals how images of the nude were used at all levels of Victorian culture, from prestigious high-art paintings through to photographs and popular entertainments; and discusses the many views as to whether these were legitimate forms of representation or, in fact, pornography and an incitement to unregulated sexual activity. With many paintings published for the first time, the painters discussed and illustrated in this book include Etty, Leighton, Burne-Jones, Rossetti, Millais, Watts and the women artists, Henrietta Rae and Anna Lea Merrit.

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Erotica Collection from the GLBT Historical Society

This is an arbitrarily arranged grouping of (primarily) male homoerotica, consciously collected by the GLBTHS to represent the range of materials created for, or appropriated by, homosexual men in North America during the 20th century. It serves as an adjunct to, and framework for understanding, other collections containing homoerotica that are held in the GLBTHS Archives.


The Lesbian Erotic

From the GLBT Historical Society.  An exhibit based on the book Nothing But the Girl, edited by Susie Bright and Jill Posener, and featuring archival material on lesbian erotica from the 1970s through the present.


Lesbian Erotica

New and used books, films, and annotated links to photo galleries, essays, sex celebration sites and more.


Queer Arts Resource

Queer Arts Resource is a not-for-profit educational forum for the display and discussion of queer art and culture. Until the recent advent of Queer Studies, the History of Art has omitted most material of direct relevance to lesbians and gays. Much has been suppressed, much has been lost due to neglect or censorship, and a great deal has simply been overlooked. QAR is expanding the range and depth of knowledge about contemporary and historical queer art, and making this information freely available on our website.


Utopia Gallery- Masters of Japanese Gay Erotic Art 

There are many photographers in Japan who specialize in erotic images, but Shun Koichi (Koiichi Inamine) is the one who raised the subject of the male physique to an art form. At first, he was involved making gay videos, but now he concentrates his energy on photography. His work has an established reputaion for superbly masculine models (90% are not gay he explains), mostly selected from college students and university atheletes. His genius is in capturing the Japanese male physique at its peak of perfection and communicating the male body's elusive erotic essence. He supervises all aspects of the production of his work from the talent and settings to the design of his gorgeous publications. He now has five photographic collections in print.


The Museo del Gayo

The Museo del Gayo tries to assemble works of art by gay artists from all periods. Whenever possible, I have selected those works which speak best to us about the artist's sensitivities regarding his take on the male figure. The Museum has several Galleries distributed in three sections, organized by technique used: painting, drawing or mixed media.


The Museum of Erotic Art

This site is divided into two main sections, gay and straight, and offers different galleries for visitors and members.  The gallery contains explicitly sexual artwork and thus requires an Adult Check ID for the full effect.


Photography of Greg Day

A native of the Southern Appalachians, Greg Day studied photography and anthropology at Rutgers University and Georgia State University.

Since 1994 his new erotic images have been exhibited at: The Charlie Chaplin Theater, Los Angeles; Keller's, Paris; the Akademie der Kunste, Berlin ; Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation, New York and in San Francisco at: Blow Buddies, Daddy's, Castro Station, ARU Gallery, Studio Shanghai West and Josie's Cabaret. In 1995-97 his photographs were published in PROJECT X - Agenda, RFD, Powerplay, Frontiers, International Leatherman, F.Q. Quarterly, Bunkhouse and Gruf.


Photography of Jeffery Code

Born in Norfolk, Virginia on October 4 Jeff Code has spent his life exploring art and the human form. He has learned to bring the two together beautifully.

After his move to the Washington, DC area, his love of photography lead him to embark on a career capturing the natural artistry of the human form. He started by working with local models who were starting to build their portfolios. He also did a lot of promotional work for local businesses and clubs. To Help give his work further exposure, he did a series of exhibitions at local galleries and coffee shops.


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Best Lesbian Erotica 2000 by Triston Taormino(Editor), et al
Amazons in the Drawing Room - The Art of Romaine Brooks  by Whitney Chadwick, et al
Heatwave Women in Love and Lust  by Lucy Jane Bledsoe(Editor)
Skin to Skin  by Martha Miller




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